• Fort Erie Learning

Fort Erie Learning


Because we believe in you Together with our partners at Contact North, we have created a program where you can get a degree, diploma or certificate, or upgrade your skills through online learning, without leaving our [...]

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  • Light City Worship



Singing to the LORD a new song Light City’s Worship is lead by Light City Music. Light City Music is a family of worshipers who have been serving our church together for over 10 years. As a worship [...]

  • Media



Reaching through streaming Though our church is geographically located here in Fort Erie, Ontario, Light City reaches dozens of countries all over the world through our HD stream of live church services and our YouTube channel [...]

  • Advance



Leadership through discipleship Advance is Light City’s leadership training program designed to raise up and equip leaders and leaders-in-training with the skills necessary to lead effectively within the church and in the world. Advance is a year-long commitment [...]

  • Light City School of Ministry

Light City School of Ministry


Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry Light City School of Ministry is a 9-month transformational program focused on Biblical wholeness – spirit, soul & body. Seasoned Christian leaders equip students to thrive in [...]

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  • Creative Arts

Creative Arts


Expressing the creative side of God Here at Light City, we are committed to expressing and displaying the heart of the Lord through the creative arts. Bi-annually our Production department puts on a full length original [...]

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  • Breakout / Light City Lunchbox

Breakout – Light City Lunch Box


Loving and serving our community Community outreach has a special place in the heart of Light City. Our desire is to not only serve our city spiritually but also practically. Our goal is to engage with [...]

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  • Momentum Centre

Momentum Centre


Transforming hearts and changing lives The Momentum Centre is a personal breakthrough ministry dedicated to facilitating tangible and lasting transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit. Our Rhema and Meditation program is a life-changing program [...]

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  • Encounter



Meeting God and finding me Encounter is a two-part retreat designed to help you encounter God personally and powerfully. The weekends take place at the church and are concentrated times of worship, ministry, equipping and impartation. [...]

  • Connect



Meeting the family and finding my place Our Connect course is comprised of six weeks of live classes taught by the leaders at Light City. This program is designed to help you find your place within [...]

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