Prayer for Healing

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Prayer For Healing

Father God, I come before you with thanksgiving in my heart and your praises on my lips. Lord, you are the creator of the universe.

There is none like you in existence. You are sovereign over all things, and I am your child crying out to you.  You are forever faithful, forever loving, my protector and my safe place. As a child of the living God who is the King of Kings, I call down the blessing of the healing of the Lord on my body (Exodus 23:25, Psalm 103:2-3).

Holy Spirit search my heart and if there is any sin against you or anyone else I ask you to bring them to the forefront of my mind and I repent right now and ask for your mercy and forgiveness (James 5:16).

Jesus, I know that you have already beaten every single sickness that has or will ever exist, even death. The power that is greater even than death is in me giving life to my body (Romans 8:11). For that reason I use authority given to me by the Most High God, through the blood of Christ and speak to (whatever you are fighting right now) and command it to wither and die and I ask Holy Spirit is come and start at the top of my head and go to the bottom of feet and ask you to reset every single cell back to the way it was meant to be, if there is any virus, bacteria, or illness that is in my body wipe it out and make it so it was like it was never there in the first place.

Lord, thank you for the healing me. I know that you reestablish me in perfect health just because I have asked and because you love me (Psalm 41:3, Psalm 30:2).

I praise and worship your Holy name (Jeremiah 17:14).

I receive my healing now.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray and declare these things.


Scriptures for Healing